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Marie Forster

Prototyping and Wireframing

Prototyping is an important aspect in the design process, it is a process through which design teams showcase and implement all the work that has been done in the previous stages of the design process and what the product should look like and how the product will function.

Cultural Probes

The cultural probes method is aimed for understanding users from a qualitative and ethnographic approach. The probes could be various material designed by the research team that are later handed out to the participants.

Inspirational Cards

Traditional brainstorming is given a creative twist through the use of Inspiration Cards. The Inspiration Cards help to cover a wide range of abstract and concrete ideas. The ideas are developed in terms of function and feel using the categorized Inspiration Cards.

Role-based Personas

Role-based personas are used to identify what needs the target user group has, how their activities, behavior and characteristics would be like, and most importantly, what roles do they take on.

Usability Lab Test

Usability lab test is a qualitative research method which is an integral and important part of the user-centered design process and its function is to observe and measure how effective a product is.