How Might We? Questions

"Framing Design, Based On Problems And Solutions." How might we solve problem A? The question helps with the framework for innovative thoughts.

«Framing design, based on problems and solutions.»

Number of ParticipantsFacilitatorsCategoryDurationLevel of Difficulty
Small Groups or individual1, optionalIdeation Phase60 minutesModerate


  • In former research and analysis of the user’s needs, problems have been identified
  • Solutions can be evolved through “How Might We…?” questions (HMW)
  • “How might we solve problem A?” Helps to think about design opportunities to develop a better user experience and to solve given problems
  • Multiple answers and a solution in general is possible
  • The questions helps you with the framework for innovative thoughts
    —> turning problems into solutions!


  • Pen and Paper
  • Texteditor on PC


  • Gather inside statements or your point of view
  • What is the problem or the design challenge?
  • Split the problem/challenge into pieces, otherwise the questions are to general

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • Collect the inside statements
  • Try to rephrase the statements into questions starting with “How Might We…”
  • It is ok to have several HMW questions for one statement
  • Ask yourself if a question is open for different solutions
  • If not it is too specific —> broaden it up

Remarks, Tips, Limitations

  • Use different colours or use illustrations for topics to improve memory intention
  • Use short terms and keywords
  • Remember the tree structure
Strengths: allows innovative thinking and gives opportunities for design
Weaknesses: difficult to find the right range for a question (not too specific and not to broad), needs practice


Information & Instruction sheet

Contributed by Marie Forster